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Signing Off and Leaning In

If a tree falls and no one is there to hear it, does it still make sound? If I don’t take a photo of my baby asleep on my chest, will it still bring me joy? If I don’t share a picture of my date night cocktail, will I still enjoy my husband’s company? Yes. […]

The Picture I Didn’t Take Today

Impending molars, food sensitivities, or just general two-year-oldness are contributing to Orson’s new reluctance to sleep.  After an insufficient nap, I snuggled him close and sat on the couch.  Just a few moments later, I was surprised to feel his breathing slow and his limbs give way to gravity.  The bliss of having one of […]

Cleaning Closets

You know when you need to organize a cluttered and dysfunctional drawer or closet, you must first tear it apart, dump its contents all over the floor, make an even bigger mess than you started with, then begin from scratch?  That’s also my approach when we’re not finding our collective family groove.  If our routine […]