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First haircuts.

For months now, every bath has been followed by a monumental battle.  No matter how generously I apply conditioner, Sloane’s head is encased in a tangled mass.  I pull the comb through her locks, hesitant and cautious, always prepared for her to yank her head away and scream out in exaggerated pain. After weeks of […]

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Spotlight: Sloane

My daughter is kind of a tough nut to crack right now.  Around our home, she is vivacious, imaginative, chatty, and hilarious.  But she holds most of that back when we’re around other people, despite their best efforts to get to know her.  When I found this series of photos she took on my phone, […]

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Wonderful Now

Right now I am a busy mama of two, striving for the balance that I’ve neglected for the last 3+ years.  I often feel that I’ve lost touch with myself, my intellect and social skills being the biggest victims.  I have finally recognized that I can be a better person for them if I put myself […]